The Minnesota Hotel: History Uncovered

By chance while doing research on another property, I stumbled upon an article providing some interested history about the Minnesota Hotel — a property we renovated and manage at 322 NW 5th Ave.  Dating to 1910, the article describes the leasing of the Minnesota Hotel building by the M. Hachiya Company: As a possible nucleus […]

An Expensive Stable: The Value in Saving Portland’s Ladd Carriage House

OF WILLIAM SARGENT Ladd’s namesake Portland buildings, only his Carriage House remains, now rehabilitated to an aesthetic state not seen since the Ladd family owned the building. In 1927, the Oregonian wrote, “the city’s restless hands are forever reaching out, removing, building, rearranging, to make room, more and more, for its growing activities.” While urban growth brought the demolition of the Ladd House in 1927, the “removing, building, and rearranging” of 2007 allowed for the preservation of the Ladd Carriage House.