Univ of Oregon buys White Stag Block

For Craig Kelly, president of Venerable Group Inc., selling the historic, three-building White Stag property to the University of Oregon Foundation for $42.6 million is bittersweet. For starters, the $37 million renovation of the property marked the last major project that Kelly completed with Art DeMuro, the founder of Venerable and a close friend of […]

Venerable celebrates 20 years in Portland

Since 1991, Venerable’s goal has been to bring about positive change in neighborhoods through redevelopment projects that increase investment, street activity, building standards and opportunities for new businesses and job creation. During this anniversary year, we recognize and thank our partners, clients, tenants and vendors for their cooperation and their business in helping make Venerable one of the city’s top 10 commercial developers.

The Minnesota Hotel: History Uncovered

By chance while doing research on another property, I stumbled upon an article providing some interested history about the Minnesota Hotel — a property we renovated and manage at 322 NW 5th Ave.  Dating to 1910, the article describes the leasing of the Minnesota Hotel building by the M. Hachiya Company: As a possible nucleus […]

Block by Block

Minnesota Hotel, at 322 NW 5th Avenue is featured property this week in Daily Journal of Commerces “Block by Block.” The column looks at Portland commercial real estate at a microcosmic level. Each week, one city block’s history and future — from recent leasing activity to available space — is examined.

No longer Ducking the issue

Five years ago, when Terri Warpinski first forayed north from Eugene to expand the University of Oregon’s outpost in Portland, many in this city decided she was in over her head.