Naito sale paves way for UO in Old Town

The former nerve center of the Naito family merchandising and real estate empire changed hands last week on its way to becoming a $30 million University of Oregon complex in Portland.

Northern Migration

University of Oregon’s Portland Center will relocate to the White Stag Block in Old Town, and the move throws open the possibilities for architecture and the allied arts programs

White Stag Block gets nod from UO

After years of stagnation, Old Town Chinatown is attracting high-profile interest. The University of Oregon announced it signed an 18-year lease to expand its Portland campus to the White Stag Block on Naito Parkway.

Fearing for a city’s old deer friend

The White Stag sign, built to sell sugar in 1927 and the only good thing about a 2005 movie starring Ice Cube, has become in its 79 years a symbol of puff-your-chest-out civic pride. Now, the University of Oregon wants to move into the building below the sign and use it to advertise the Ducks programs.

Plan envisions UO in Old Town

The University of Oregon may move its Portland programs to the White Stag Block in Old Town if a $30 million project that supporters say would help revitalize the area can win public money.

Ducks to invade White Stag building

The White Stag block, home to four dilapidated buildings and the landmark “Made in Oregon” sign that overlooks the Burnside Bridge, likely will be the new home of the University of Oregon’s Portland Center.