LaTorre Condominiums

  • Project Info
  • Turned vacant property into owner-occupied condos
  • Added some much-needed retail to serve the community


NW 26th Ave. & Upshur St
Portland, OR

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Northwest Portland

La Torre was built in 1904 originally for use during the Lewis & Clark Exposition. Over the years it deteriorated and as the Northwest neighborhood underwent revitalization in the 1990s, the property was a prime candidate for mixed-use development, adding vitality and livability, and some of the earliest condominium units to the district.

One of the earliest challenges faced was rezoning the property from residential (RH) to commercial mixed-use (CM) through the CM zone change process. Ten new owner-occupied residential units were added above the existing building, which contains four neighborhood-oriented commercial/retail spaces and private parking garage for the residents. The newly-constructed residences included seven townhouse units, three flats, a central open courtyard, and one or two balcony/decks for each residence.

La Torre Condominiums

The development increased neighborhood stability by turning a vacant and dilapidated building into attractive, owner-occupied residences and retail that serve the community.