Property Management

At Meritus, we believe the key to successful property management is service.

Our service-oriented approach to property management allows Meritus to stand out among other property management companies.  While we manage all types of commercial buildings from artists studios to warehouses, our specialty is managing historic buildings that cater to multi-tenant affordable offices/creative workspaces for artists and small-to-medium businesses. These properties require more intensive maintenance specific to historic buildings with brick and/or plaster surfaces, wood windows, structural and acoustical challenges, and older mechanical systems.


Preserving Assets
We are proud of the professional services and attention we offer both our tenants and clients. Our maintenance staff is experienced and dedicated to maintaining the physical condition of the buildings we manage. The maintenance department’s main goal is the satisfaction of our tenants and clients. Our team offers the following services:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Consistent and prompt service to tenants
  • Cost-saving measures to ensure and enhance facility management
  • Frequent property inspections

Reducing Costs
We make sure the buildings we manage run as efficiently as possible. We know the market and we know by experience the cost for contracted services such as janitorial, security and landscaping. We subcontract with only the most experienced and reliable contractors with the best price for the money and that we trust to provide quality work. With our contractor’s status, we use competitive vendors to purchase supplies wholesale.

Retaining Tenants
This is one of the most important functions we provide for building owners. We also work hard to keep tenants happy and respond quickly and efficiently to their concerns. Tenant relations are vital to the success of our firm. We provide top quality service and satisfaction of our tenants and owners through:

  • Quarterly tenant surveys that allow us to inspect our individual efforts
  • Quick response time to maintenance requests and other concerns
  • Fair and impartial decisions based on the lease agreement. The initial contact at the lease signing offers the opportunity to explain in detail the important parts of the agreement thus reducing any misunderstanding and future conflicts

Keeping Owners Informed
Owners always know where things stand with their properties through our diligence with:

  • Regular site visits performed by the maintenance supervisor, property manager and president. During each site inspection, a detail list of improvement needs is recorded
  • Establishes annual budgets, monthly financial reports to owners, proforma projects and bids for capital improvements
  • Regular audits of property expenses and vendor payments
  • Marketing strategies
  • Lease negotiation/Lease administration/Lease renewals
  • Collection of rent/deposits and receivables
  • Dated monthly accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Insurance policies
  • Vendor contracts


Property/Asset Manager: Steve Robinson – 503-943-6092
Portfolio Manager: Kirsten Bailey – 503-943-6098
Maintenance: Main line – 503-224-2446; Emergency or after-hours – 503-730-9056